Take a stroll on the bottom of the ocean.
Yehliu feels like walking on a drained ocean.  It's a really cool experience.  Even though this place tends to be overrun with tourists of the worst kind, I still recommend coming here.
There's a small fishing village outside the geopark.  You're likely to run into some workers from other Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, or the Philippines if you hang out near the boats.  
If given a chance, ask about their lives.  They've got interesting stories.  They basically live on the boats or in shipping containers nearby.  More people need to be aware of their living conditions and treatment in Taiwan.
I really like this place because of all the opportunities to play with perspective.  It's a good spot for any kind of photography.  Obviously the landscape is cool.  Portraits would work well here.  And there's endless content for candid street shots among the tourists.
📍 Address: 207, New Taipei City, Wanli District, 港東路167-1號
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