LINKOU DISTRICT —​​​​​​​ I learned about this site through another photo blogger in Taiwan.  Since then I've visited twice.  I came here again today on a whim to just chill and get some shots on my phone.  I've been lazy to bring out my DSLR and edit.  So I've just been using the Kuji Cam app to shoot and not editing.
I'm not sure if this land is private or public.  In Taiwan a lot of places seem to be in some sort of grey area.  There is a for sale sign on the land which leads me to believe it's private.  Yet tons of people come here and wander.  
They used to bring motorbikes and off-road vehicles but today when I came the main bridge vehicles used to get into the valley has been destroyed.  So now it's just cows.
I hopped across the bridge and made my way around the valley taking shots.
As I made my way around I encountered some kids doing a school project.  The photographer seemed to be using some sort old school film camera.  I said hi and tried to ask them about their project, but they were either shy or stuck up.
So I just snapped this picture and left.
As I made my way back around the farmer was herding the cattle back to the farm.  This allotted a chance for more up close photos.  The cows reminded me of factory workers going home.  
They even had a nice little cow traffic jam.
Getting here is a bit of a hassle on scooter, but in terms of photographic potential I'd say it's worth it.  Given the unique landscape and presence of cows I'd say it's worthy of pretty much any photo project you're working on.  There is a whole other area to this place that I didn't even shoot.  So if you have the means of transport I definitely recommend checking it out.  It's also right next to the ocean.
📍 Address: ​​​​​​​244, New Taipei City, Linkou District, 西部濱海公路625號.
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