Where does the water come from?
That's the question I asked a girl I was dating back in 2015 and she answered that she thinks it comes from this place.  So one Sunday we hopped on my scooter to come check it out.  I'm really glad we did.
The narrow and windy roads around this place were a blast to scoot through on my moped.  Most of the area around the reservoir is used for tea farming which seemed to make the photos a lot more interesting.
Eventually we made our way down next to the water which felt like a scene out of The Notebook or something.
As the sun went down it began to reflect off the water in the most stunning way.  After snapping the photo below we made our way back up as it got dark and scooted on back to the city.  It was really a perfect day, and a great way to satisfy my curiosity as to how Taipei's gets its water.
This place is pretty hard to visit without your own scooter, so if you want to come here I highly recommend renting one or finding a friend with one.  Buses pass through but I don't think this place is worth the time or effort via public transportation.  I'd much rather go to nearby Wulai or Ping Lin Village if I had to take a bus.
📍 Address: 223, New Taipei City, Shiding District, 北宜路六段塗潭巷22號.​​​​​​​
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