Most folks think of Japan when they go online to enjoy the Lo-fi music and art, but Taiwan is an underrated place filled with beauty and serene vibes that can easily bring upon the feelings of calm and peace many are seeking through the Lo-fi experience.
This series showcases the best of what Taiwan has to offer in terms of vibrant colors, cute pets, and breathtaking nature all captured through the lens of photographer ANDREWNEF.
(pets, nature, temples, and vibrant color shots)

A well-groomed dog sits attached to a scooter and leash near ShiPai MRT Station.

A small dog sits on a bed inside of a betel nut stand in Zhongshan District.

In Tainan a dog waits on a scooter for its owner to return.

A dog gives a crooked eye as it passes through in a car.

In Ximen a dog owner rubs the belly of his dog under the lights of a temple.

Two dogs sit in a carriage near ZhiShan MRT Station.

A dog waits in a basket at Shilin Night Market for its owner to return.

Two dogs next to a scooter wheel.

A small dog and his owner on a scooter near GuanDu Temple.

A dog rides on the back of a bike through a market in TianMu.

A dog on an old man's scooter struggles to keep its footing.

A young couple and their dog wait at a red light.

A man and a huge dog ride though Yong He District in New Taipei City.

A family and their small dog ride through rush hour traffic in Shilin District.

A dog sits in a U-Bike basket.

A dog breathes fresh air as it waits at a red light in Danshui District.

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