The lines on the skin, the clothing, the posture....  Each face tells a story.  We're all unique but also uniform in the way we walk through the fire of life.  Taipei is a city full of vibrant characters each living out their stories in both ordinary and extraordinary fashion.  From the hardworking office ladies to the old rich grandpas smoking and drinking themselves into oblivion, every single person has something that we can both empathize with and be in awe of.
This series is a collection of candid street shots by photographer ANDREWNEF that gives us a look into the characters and moments that people experience on the streets of Taipei.​​​​​​​

A man on a scooter with dappled light in the bakground.

A woman selling clothes in Shilin District, Taipei.

An elderly man sits on a stool at TongHua Night Market in Taipei.

A man on a scooter on the streets of Taipei.

A woman in the window of a ticket booth at DaDaoCheng, Taipei.

A man on the phone at a small shop in Zhongshan District, Taipei.

A man takes a drink of beer at a temple in SanZhi District, New Taipei City.

An angry man crosses the street near Taipei Main Staion.

Two men on a scooter at a market in Danshui, District.

A bag blows in the foreground as a man passes through on scooter in Taipei, Taiwan.

A woman exits ZhiShan Station in Taipei, Taiwan.

People preparing for a temple festival in Taipei.

A man enjoys a meal alone near LongShan Temple, Taipei.

A man exits a shop in Taipei.

A man enjoys a cigarette outside of a restaurant in Taipei Taiwan.

A man talks on the phone with a cigar in his mouth in Taipei, Taiwan.

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