“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”​​​​​​​

As a foreigner in Taiwan, you're like an imported car.  It doesn't matter whether you're luxury or regular, being an import carries both advantages and disadvantages in the dating market.
Advantages include the fact that some people will want to have sex with you just because you're 'exotic,' and you'll be considered classy or cool for no reason.  Disadvantages include the extra tariffs you'll have to pay for in the form of language barriers and high maintenance fees of being from a completely different culture.
In plain terms, if you weren't Brad Pitt in America, you're not going to be Brad Pitt in Taiwan, with the odd exception of some local girls willing to fuck literally ANY foreinger.
If you want to date women way out of your league you'd be way better off going to Thailand, the Philippines, or Indonesia.
How To Succeed Dating Online In Taiwan
1) Pictures: Put your best picture first and your second best picture last.  You want to make a good first impression and leave a nice lasting impression.  No shirtless pictures for God's sake you fucking animal.  Wear some nice clothes and show yourself doing whatever it is you're passionate or skilled at.
2) Profile Description:  Write a joke, a quote, or provide value in some other way followed by a call to action.  This is marketing 101.  Don't bore people with your stupid biography or whatever you tell your mom on the phone.  Nobody cares.
3) Conversation:  Don't try to get too deep into conversation because most Taiwanese people don't speak fluent English.  Things (especially jokes) will easily get lost in translation.  Keep the conversation light and stay focused on arranging the first date.
4) First Date:  Do your homework and refresh yourself her details before you meet (OR AT LEAST REMEMBER HER NAME).  Remeber that dating is just a numbers game.  Half of them won't like you and half of them you won't like.  Just be polite and move on.  You'll probably need to meet 30-70 people before deciding whether a relationship with anybody seems right.
 -Taiwan is a very small place and the dating pool for foreingers is even smaller.
-The highest quality women generally only date rich locals or rich American Taiwanese guys.
-Learning Chinse is essential if you want to date anybody lower middle class and below.
-Don't be surpised to find out that you and a few of your guy friends have gone out with the same girl, espeically if she plays the town bicycle and you use Tinder every day.
-Some Taiwanese guys are sensitive about foreingers dating local girls and there are lots of angry incels here.
My Thoughts
-Generally speaking you'll get who you deserve no matter where you are in the world.  You can try to game the system and bend the rules, but you pay for any and all gains with equal or worse amounts of pain.
-If you're not happy single you wont' be happy in a relationship.
-Easy come, easy go.
-These are just a few truths I've had to learn the hard way.
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