A fun trail featuring bridges, a bamboo forest, rock climbing, and multiple waterfalls.
RUIFANG DISTRICT —​​​​​​​ It was a pretty romantic experience all of the times I've been here.  Each time there was a light rain which made the hike a little bit challenging and messy, but the overall vibe was beautiful.  This place would be worth it even if there was just one waterfall, but SanDiaoLing features 3 of them. 
The trail starts by walking along train tracks and then veering off into a bamboo forest.  After about 15 minutes you're led to the below waterfall.  After visiting the waterfall there's a rope bridge and the path narrows after that as it goes deeper into the forest.​​​​​​​
The path past the rope bridge can get pretty muddy if it rained recently.  There's some planks of wood and bamboo that people lay on the trail to help with this, but sometimes the mud is impossible to avoid.  However I've never seen the mud more than an inch or two deep.
The trail begins to widen again as you approach the main waterfall below.  If it's raining you can take shelter in the cave or under the pavilion.  
If you haven't had enough yet by this point don't worry because there's more.  If you keep following the man trail it leads you up a rock with carved in stairs.  This leads to the top of the cave where an even bigger waterfall is found.  You can also walk on the rocks towards a huge drop-off and view the landscape.
If I had to pick one waterfall trail in Taiwan to recommend to a tourist it would be this one.  As you can see it has everything you'd want from a waterfall hike.  Advanced climbers even come here sometimes with their ropes and scale the waterfall.  But regular plebs can have just as much fun on the regular trail.  
On top of all of that it's pretty easy to get here via public transportation from Taipei.
📍 Address: No. 210號, Yuliao Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, 224.
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