Instagram made me do it.
Anybody who knows me knows I hate social media.  At first I hated it because I could never be popular on it, but now that we know just how unhealthy it is for us I can justify my hate with science.  But if it wasn't for Instagram I never would have known how cool this place is.  It blew up and now every hot Instagram model comes here with her 4/10 trust fund boyfriend to take the same exact picture.
Nonetheless, this is a great trail, and just because a bunch of spoiled rich use it for clout now doesn't mean I'm going to avoid it.  I'll still visit and try my best not to toss one of these trust fund babies off the mountain.
The trail starts out very steep and it's not long before you are looking back on the views pictured below:
There's two differnt paths up the mointain but they both involve huge rocks and sometimes jumping across them.  It's pretty fun!  There's a couple pavilions and areas to rest along the way.  
Once you reach the final pavilion there's a trail that goes past it leading to the peak.
I almost always catch a sunset before I head down.  One time when I visited I got particularity lucky with stunning colors that you can see below.  Unfortunately I didn't have much for subject material or any interesting silhouettes to work with besides the tree.
As I mentioned above, it can get a little crowded at the top with all of the Instagram models here, but overall this is a great trail and a nice workout.  I recommend this trail to anybody looking for a bit more adventure than that offered on Elephant Mountain or Immortal Rock Trail.
📍 Address: Section 2, Huanshan Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114.​​​​​​​
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