Many Westerners fantasize about coming to Asia and exploring the neon-drenched crowded cities often depicted in Cyberpunk movies, games, and books, but what's a paradise for some is often a dystopia for others.  I've tried to keep this in mind while indulging in my own fantasy of exploring the city of Taipei and collecting cyberpunk scenes.  
I've had the privilege of time and money to hop around the city and capture this beauty on weeknights where locals are either dead asleep from a hard day of work, or still crunching away working unpaid overtime as is all too common in Taiwan.  
While shooting these photos I often thought about this contradiction.  These Cyberpunk scenes are beautiful and serene, but for others maybe not so much...
This series is a collection of some of the best Cyberpunk shots captured around Taipei by photographer ANDREWNEF.

A woman stands on a rooftop in front of two vibrant buildings near Taipei City Hall.

A woman with an umbrella walks through the rain near Jing Mei Night Market in Taipei.

Rain falls onto a narrow street under neon lights in Danshui District.

Buildings stacked in a row in YongHe District of Taipei.

A big neon sign on Lin Sen North road —Taipei's upscale Red Light District.

Taipei's most iconic building —Taipei 101.

A mess of buildings at night in YongHe District in Taipei.

A building resembling a dragon's back near Taipei Main Station.

A man drives through a neon landscape on a scooter in Shilin District.

A building draped in red near Longshan Temple.

Reflections of neon off a Mercedes in Zhongshan District.

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