I just had to get away...  
Keelung is home to the largest fishing ports in Taiwan.  The city is loud and dusty, but this park is a breath of fresh air that's ideal for hikers and photographers.
If I didn't do photography I would never leave the house.  I can't imagine going to a place like this and simply 'enjoying it.'  My mind just doesn't work like that.
What's enjoyable for me is seeing good shots and hoping that my discovery and sharing of this place will help somebody else.
Despite the fact that I came here alone, and nothing interesting happened here, looking back on these photos brings me warm memories.
I spent the entire afternoon wandering and people watching.  It was an unusually clear and beautiful that day.  Even though it was a weekday there were plenty of people out enjoying it.
This cliff park is perfect for any type of photography.
It's days like this that I'll probably miss when I'm dead.  I'm glad I got to enjoy it, and glad these photos helped me preserve it.
I hope you too can enjoy a few days like this before they're gone.
📍 Address: No. 21, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202.​​​​​​​
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