This book has sold millions copies in the United States and has is considered a cult-classic among everyone from famous rappers, business elites, and even prisoners.
The book's author Robert Greene has 6 bestselling books on topics of power, seduction, war, and human nature.
Before he was an author, Greene worked tons of jobs including construction worker, translator, and movie writer.
Inspiration for the book came from witnessing power games that people played behind the scenes in each of his jobs.
The laws are meant to raise awareness of human nature and give people tools to better navigate their lives. 
1. Give some background on Robert Greene.
2. Talk about the success and cult-following of the book.
3. Run through the slides explaining the laws, read parts from the book if needed.
4. Explain unknown or strange vocabulary you encounter in the laws.
5. Ask students whether the laws have real life utility, and if so ask for examples how.
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