Andrew was born in 1987 to a lower working class family in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  He often described a childhood in which he struggled with trauma, abuse, ADD, depression, and social anxiety.  
However in high school he found solace in making videos and tinkering around with various media production programs.
At 21 he joined the military and then used the GI bill to study TV production at The University of South Florida where he graduated Cum Laude.
In February 2014 he moved to Taiwan to pursue photography.  However he struggled for years to gain a following or find ways to profit from his work.  He would often give up, delete his social media, or try other things.
Despite varying degrees of success in other endeavors, Andrew always found his way back into photography.  He describes it as ‘productive meditation’ since it allows him to live in the moment while creating something beautiful.
He believes street photography is the best way to engage in this ‘productive meditation’ since it allows him to simply take in and gravitate towards what the world and life puts in front of his camera, allowing him to truly enjoy and be present in the moment.
However he focuses mainly on the streets of Taipei because he believes that the people, buildings, and the culture provide unique content and will someday prove to be a valuable time capsule for folks to look back on given Taiwan’s unstable political situation and rapid development.

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